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A few years ago, Erica and Heather began a journey with the Enneagram to heighten their self-awareness, while also deepening their understanding of each other. In their raw vulnerability with one another, they found themselves embroiled in enthusiasm about how to combine their strengths to make a beautiful mark on the world.


As an Enneagram Eight, Erica is bold and brave. Eights enjoy taking on challenges while giving others opportunities to challenge themselves. Eights are magnetic and have the charisma lead others in all kinds of endeavors—including starting a custom production business! Further, Eights desire to impart positive change in any environment; they seek to leave a very personal mark while maintaining an object’s natural beauty. You can see this in Erica’s work. She falls in love her clients’ ideas, encourages her clients’ creativity, selects the very best raw materials, and custom-creates deeply significant engravings. Her inspiration for wood grain, quality and characteristics has been passed down to her from generations of woodcrafters in her family, and you can feel the love of these generations in her finished products.


Heather is an Enneagram Four, which makes her sensitive, personal, and honest. Fours are easily inspired, highly creative, and seek to surround themselves with beauty. Like most fours, Heather takes an artistic, romantic orientation to life. Her desire is to surround herself and others with aesthetically pleasing things that cultivate and prolong very personal feelings. When you come to 8-4 Productions with a special request, Heather transports herself into your very heart and soul to ensure the most demonstrative intention of the gift is captured in the final product. She examines ways to draw out the emotion of every piece and faithfully safeguards the very human component of everything 8-4 Productions creates.


8-4 Productions is the embodiment of one of the most creative relationship couplings in the Enneagram model. Both types bring passion, intensity, and deep feelings to all aspects of the relationship, which fuels the fire behind the energy they invest in their creations.

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